Rudy Project Sunglasses - Kabrio EVO Golf/Tennis

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Rudy Project Kabrio EVO Golf/Tennis Sunglasses

In keeping with our committment to expand our golf/tennis market, Rudy Project has created eight (8) cutting edge glasses: Freeon Golf/Tennis, Rydon Golf/Tennis, Perception Golf/Tennis, Kerosene Golf/Tennis, Kaylos Golf/Tennis, Ketyum Golf/Tennis, and Kabrio Golf/Tennis, that offer technical solutions to problems golfers and tennis players encounter during play. Each golfer and tennis enthusiast can now choose the best sunglass to meet his/her needs - whether it be prescription, eliminate fogging, creating a maximum field of vision, offer extraordinairy lightweight solutions or interchangeability to manage changing light conditions.

Solar Radiation

Our lenses absorb all of the ultraviolet rays: the residual transmission is less than 0.001% up to 380nm, and less than 0.1% at 385nm [the wave length at which the visible spectrum begins]. The lens receives an application of metal ions of chrome or silicon oxide, calculated in such a way as to provide a precise absorption factor.

Lens Technology


RP Optics™ lenses are afocal sunglass lenses, optically correct and provide excellent clarity. The materials used in the RP Optics™ program are the finest available.

The optical axis is maintained parallel to the main axis of vision, permitting maximum utilization of lenses with extensive curvature [base 6-8], respecting the need of optical quality and visual clarity.

Anti-Scratch Treatment
Treated by coating with polyxilosane, the lens is hardened by exposure to heat at 120°c. This specific treatment gives it excellent resistance to abrasion and scratching. In fact, Rudy Project lenses are so scratch resistant, we offer a Replacement Lens Guarantee.

Hydrophobic Treatment
The Hydrophobic treatment facilitates runoff of water droplets from the surface of the lens, maintaining vision free of the typical distortion caused by wearing the glasses in an aquatic environment.

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Rudy Project Sunglasses - Kabrio EVO (Flip-Up)
Rudy Project Sunglasses - Kabrio EVO Golf/Tennis