Adidas Kundo Sunglasses - A374

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Adidas Kundo Sunglasses - A374

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8-base decentered Vision Advantage PC lenses
Quick-Change Lens System
Traction Grip
Quick-Release Hinge
SPX & Flex Zones

LST: Light Stabilizing Technology
Dazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. Adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors. LST harmonizes extreme light fluctuations while enhancing the light contrast effect through balanced adaptation to lighting conditions. In this was, LST prevents rapid eye fatigue and ensures top sporting performances.

LST Bluelightfilter
Harmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, contrast enhancement and brightening effect, perfect blue light protection.

LST Contrast
Optimum contrasting effect and light harmonization properties, that work particularly well on green landscapes.

LST Polarized
Special lens for light reflection from water, ice, snow, etc., harmonizes rapid light/shadow changes, high contrast effect.

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Adidas Kundo Sunglasses - A374
Adidas Kundo Sunglasses - A374