Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Harpoon HR-11, HR-10

Virtually indestructible, these nylon frames offer the perfect blend of durability, comfort and style. (It's always nice to look good holding a huge trophy fish.) For serious outdoor adventures, you need polarized sunglasses that will stand up to the elements. You just found them.

Lens: CR-39, Glass or Polycarbonate

Frame: Nylon

Base Curve: 8

Hinge: Spring

This frame is part of the Costa del Mar Sunglasses Performance collection and is made of nylon composite. Performance frames are meant to be used in any active water environment where water, body motion, and sun are all givens. All Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses lenses are known around the world for their unparalleled optical quality and clarity. Every pair of Costa del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses carries a worldwide lifetime warrantee from Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.

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Costa Del Mar Harpoon Sunglasses
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