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Models: DSO Havoc HV-0713, HV-0113, HV-9418, HV-4514G, HV-4013G, HV-3713, HV-P0713, HV-P0123, HV-P9418, HV-P4514, HV-P4013, HV-P3713

DSO Lens Technology
DSO Havoc Sunglasses comes equipped with Prismatic Elimination System (PES) Polycarbonate lenses. The PES lens offers prism free viewing, which means longer wearing with less eye fatigue. The PES lens system in the DSO Havoc Sunglasses will provide you with optical clarity while eliminating all harmful Ultra-Violet light. Inherent qualities of Polycarbonate make them lighter than a glass lens and up to 10X more impact resistant.

DSO Frame Technology
Grilamid - The benefit of using Grilamid in DSO frames is the material has enhanced strength properties. Grilamid also has inherent memory properties that maintains resilience not found in regular sunglass materials, thus holding shape longer than other nylon frame sunglasses.

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DSO Havoc Sunglasses
DSO Havoc Sunglasses