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- 100% UV protection
- Distortion-Free, Polycarbonate lens
- Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Action/Night Lens Series - Yellow, Clear
You don't want to wear sunglasses in the dead of night. That's just dangerous. When the sun is setting, shift your dark lensed glasses to sunglasses with lighter tints. These lenses are all about contrast and performance enhancement.

Defender Lens Series - Grey Defender, Brown Defender, Rose Defender
Each lens cuts at least 90% of annoying and harmful high energy blue light while also absorbing substantial red and infrared rays. As a result, this scattered light color spectrum is reduced to harmless levels. Defender series lenses can actually enhance your hand-eye-brain coordination and shorten your reaction time.

Photochromic Lens Series - Grey Photochromic
This series adjusts with you throughout the day, sun-up, sun-down, indoors or out. Just as your eyes strain when gazing through excessive bright light, they do the same when attempting to focus and capture images in low light conditions. Variable-Lite Photochromics provide comfortable vision in a full range of light and dark conditions and free your eyes of unnecessary stress and fatigue.

Polarized Lens Series - Grey Polarized, Brown Polarized
The Polarized Series allows you to see where you have never seen before with clear vision. Proprietary filter technology enables these lenses to allow only the uninterrupted light spectrum to reach your eyes, resulting in ideal visual perception and clarity.

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Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses
Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses

Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses

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