Initium Vunderground Sunglasses


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Initium Vunderground Sunglasses

Models: Initium Vunderground VU-320, VU-310, VU-308, VU-301, VU-309, VU-321

The Lifestyle Collection features an assortment of grilamid sun styles built to stand up to the trials and tribulations of the life on tour and designed to stand out in any video clip. The Lifestyle Collection is comprised of muic-inspired silhouettes featuring 5-barrel stop hinges and decentered polarized polycarbonate lens options for maximum glare protection, optical clarity and impact resistance. Each piece comes complete with aluminum hard case and microfiber cloth for keeping your action clean and scratch-free at all times.

- Made in Italy
- 100% UVA & UVB Protection
- Maximum Glare Reduction/Polarization
- Reduced Eye Strain
- Enhanced Color and Detail Perception
- Excellent Impact Resistance
- Excellent Scratch Resistance

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Initium Vunderground Sunglasses
Initium Vunderground Sunglasses