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Optic Nerve Gemini Sunglasses

Optic Nerve Gemini 12950, 12951

Optic Nerve’s Outdoor Collection was created with adventure seekers and snow lovers in mind. All glasses in this collection feature a polarized lens technology which eliminates 99.9% of the harmful rays that bounce off the water, snow and rocks you’re playing on.

THE FORESEE COLLECTION, a set of richly designed renewable eyewear. The frames used in the Foresee collection are made from the beans of the castor plant. This is a 100% renewable resource. This incredible manufacturing technique maintains similar strength and properties as traditional nylon frames but contains no petroleum based resins. The frames will be detailed without the use of hazardous paints. The raw frames will be molded and hand polished revealing a beautiful and tactile quality, optical finish. The lenses are polarized ensuring crystal clear clarity, premier strength, durability and world class impact resistance.

- 100% UV Protection
- CE Cat 3 Standards
- High Impact Resistance
- Polycarbonate Polarized Lenses

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Optic Nerve Gemini Sunglasses
Optic Nerve Gemini Sunglasses