Prescription Serengeti Sunglasses & Bolle Sunglasses

Prescription Serengeti Sunglasses
Prescription Serengeti Sunglasses

Prescription Bolle Sunglasses
Prescription Bolle Sunglasses

THREE EASY STEPS - to order Bolle and Serengeti Prescription sunglasses

1. Place your order. Place a normal online order from the Serengeti Prescription or Bolle Prescription items above.

2. Print your order.

3. Fax your order and your doctor's prescription to (714) 921-0634.

. Must be valid and less that 1-2 years old.
. Only Single-Vision. We do not provide bifocals and progressives.
. Prescription MUST contain the following measurements: OD, OS and PD.The cylinder Range cannot exceed -2.00. The Sphere Range must be between +2.00 to -4.00. The PD (Pupil Distance) is required to ensure that the center of your lenses line up with the center of your pupils. This is not normally on a prescription but is measured by your doctor.

Shipping and Delivery Time

Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery on your prescription sunglasses.

Return Policy

Because they are custom made, we cannot offer returns or exchanges on Prescription Sunglasses. Your credit card is charged when we enter your order. Defective Prescription Sunglasses must be sent directly to Bushnell Optics for repair or replacement. (Bushnell owns Bolle and Serengeti. See our INFO Tab for Warranty information and Bushnell address for Prescription Sunglasses).

Terms on a doctor's prescription

OD refers to your right eye (REQUIRED).

OS refers to your left eye (REQUIRED).

PD (Pupil Distance) This refers to your pupilary distance. The distance between your pupils. A PD is necessary to ensure that the center of your lenses line up with the center of your pupils (REQUIRED).

Astigmatism or Cylinder (CYL) This is the second number on the OD and OS. Reflects how much your eye is shaped like an egg instead of being round. The higher the astigmatism, the more objects will tend to have a halo affect. At this time, we cannot make Prescription Sunglasses with a Cylinder Range that exceeds -2.00 and a Sphere Range that falls outside of +2.00 to -4.00.

Axis or x This represents how your cylinder is placed on a 0 to 180 plane. This is is required for all custom prescription sunglasses lenses.

R and L Sometimes used to represent right and left instead of OS and OD.

Bifocals and Progressives We cannot provide bifocals and progressives. These lenses require taking measurements.

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