Polarized Sunglasses Sea Striker 246

Polarized Sunglasses Vermillion

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7-Layer Polarized Sunglasses Lens Technology with Vermillion lens!!                                       

Polarized Sunglasses from Sea Striker with Vermillion Lens

Polarized Sunglasses Unique 7-Layer lens technology

These S13 Polarized Sunglasses lenses are made up of seven functional elements, meticulously bonded together, for enhanced durability, safety and comfort. The layers are:
1. Polarized Sunglasses Scratch resistant coating
2. Cab Support layer
3. UV-400 Filter
4. Highly efficient polarizing light filter

Sea Striker Polarized Sunglasses Lens Features

- Lenses are laminated to optical standards to assure uniform thickness and clarity
- Press polish pre-curved lenses with superior optics
- Proprietary hardcoat for excellent scratch resistance
- Most efficient polarizer on the market
- 100% UV protection
- Optimum price/performance

Sea Striker Optical Quality

- These Polarized Sunglasses S13 lenses are formed using a unique press-polish method that applies heat and pressure precision optical surfaces, ensuring consistant curvature for lens uniformity.

Sea Striker Frame Features

- All metal frames are triple plated
- All plastic frames are made from the highest quality polyproponate made by Eastman Chemical Company assuring a smooth end product

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Polarized Sunglasses - Sea Striker WAVE RUNNER 246 - Vermillion lens
SeaStriker Wave Runner Sunglasses

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