Sunglasses Cases

Sunglasses Cases

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Sunglasses Cases - Hard Nylon
Sunglasses Cases - Hard Nylon

Reg:$23.99 Sale:$7.50

Great Protection!

SG Microfiber Sunglasses Case
SG Microfiber Sunglasses Case

Reg:$9.99 Sale:$4.50

Guard your lens from scratches.

Sunglasses Cases - Safety
All Sunglasses Cases are designed with safety and durability in mind. Only the highest quality frame materials are used to ensure a symbiotic relationship with the wearer. Our optics also provided an important safety barrier, by providing an impenetrable shield for harmful UV radiation and the reduction of Glare. On all our plastic frames, the optics are loaded into the lens channel of the frame using a mounting process available from Sunglasses Cases

Sunglasses Cases - Lenses
Sunglasses Cases low-molecular weight lenses are not only optically true, they block just about anything you can throw at them, including 100% of all harmful UV and Blue Light. All Sunglasses Cases are available in high quality lenses. This provides lightweight comfort and safety for the wearer. All lenses are designed to be optically true. When corrective lenses are necessary, our frame technology gives you a safe, light weight corrective alternative.

Sunglasses Cases - Frames
Of course, we can't forget the technology that holds our lenses in place. Like you'd expect, the technology is as leading-edge as our lenses. Sunglasses Cases frames are forged from the highest grade materials known to man. These materials unite in perfect balance to provide ultimate strength and flexibility.

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