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Wiley X Jake Sunglasses

Model: Wiley X Jake CCJAK01, CCJAK05, CCJAK04, CCJAK07, CCJAK06, CCJAK08, CCJAK03

• Removable Facial Cavity™ seal protects from wind and debris
• Exceeds Ansi Z87.1-2003 high velocity protection
• Top Down™ ventilation for fog free environment
• Seamless hinge for added durability
• Multi-layer foam meets FR requirements
• Removable Facial Cavity Seal
• Small Black Zippered Case
• Leash Cord
• Cleaning Cloth

Fit: Medium to Large

Engaged in an activity where tree limbs, wind and debris come at you from 360 degrees? CLIMATE CONTROL Wiley X Jake Sunglasses are a must on your gear list. Technology features include our removable, durable Facial Cavity Seal that locks onto lightweight ANSI certified frames that literally seal the eyes from outside elements. Excellent for sufferers of dry eye syndrome. Add a timeless fashion sense and you have some superior shades!


Wiley X Jake Sunglasses
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